About Me

I studied at the Hudson Institute to become a Certified Coach and DF0116develop my coaching skills and knowledge.  This has served as an excellent complement to my prior life experiences.

I have a diverse background in a wide variety of organizations, including corporate positions in human resources recruitment and selection, organization development and training, marketing, cash management and financial planning.  As an Adjunct Professor, I taught Management in the MBA program at the University of Hartford, School of Business.

I have worked as an organization development and human resources consultant, and have developed and delivered many training programs. My work has emphasized organization change through the design of work processes.  I have developed competency models, compensation systems, and organization-wide training plans and implementation strategies.

After many years as a management consultant, I now apply my organizational understanding to coaching individuals and teams.  As an Executive Coach, I have focused my expertise in process and organization on strengthening people in leadership roles. As a Life Coach, clients benefit from my varied background and life experiences, in addition to my coaching skills.

I have been actively involved in the community for many years and have served in volunteer leadership and Board-level positions.

I love this work and feel privileged to do it.

Why choose me?  I am curious, insightful and resourceful.  I am knowledgeable about business environments and non-profits, volunteering and mom-land.  I will help you figure out what your goals are and will then support you in attaining them.  I ask my clients for feedback so I would like to share  some feedback from a client:

 “You are a talented coach. I have experienced a major breakthrough because of your sensitivity, openness, knowledge and skill. You are non-judgmental and I felt “safe” to share with you. I recommended you to a friend, as I feel you are very good at what you do.  I am grateful for your assistance and guidance.”  

And from another client:

“I have appreciated your willingness to call me on some of my rationalizing.  Your calm and respectful questioning of my beliefs and assertions has been helpful in allowing me to step back and break through some of my denials.  It is helpful when you name and derail me from my tendency to want to “check the box” and move on.  You have great listening skills and understand when to steer and when to ride along.”  


  • Certified Hudson Institute Coach
  • International Coach Federation: Associate Certified Coach
  • EQ IN ACTION. Emotional Intelligence instrument to address the underlying skills and attributes that significantly influence success in business and life. Results help to identify competencies that can be developed.
  • EQ-i 2.0 and EQ-i 360. These are useful in a business environment and enable clients to understand gaps in the way they perceive themselves and the way in which they are viewed by others.
  • LEADING RENEWING TEAMS:  A workshop to help work teams reenergize and get back on track.
  • The HOGAN PERSONALITY INVENTORY, DEVELOPMENT SURVEY and the MOTIVES, VALUES AND PREFERENCES INVENTORY:  Assessments to help with personnel selection or with the development of valued employees.